Cutting Edge arts exhibit explores the invisible people and culture of East Austin —
August 9, 2020

Cutting Edge arts exhibit explores the invisible people and culture of East Austin

By TODO Austin Staff

 “Invisible Intersections” exhibits works of 20 artists through April 22

Can you remember the last person you saw when you walked down the street today?  Or was it an “Invisible Intersections” encounter?  A new multi-media arts show launches March 31st that answers the question of who or what we don’t see when we walk down the streets of the rapidly changing East Austin.

Through art, “Invisible Intersections” illuminates the “everyday people” of Six Square — Austin’s Black Cultural District, a unique and vibrant epicenter of Austin located just east of downtown. The show runs March 31– April 22 at three locations in East Austin and is sponsored by Six Square – Austin’s Black Cultural District, in cooperation with the Austin History Center, The Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce, local artists, and businesses.

“The artists are capturing the transition occurring in East Austin,” says Lisa Byrd, Six Square’s Executive Director. “These multi-media portraits will profoundly expand the public’s understanding of the importance of Black culture in Austin and solidify the history embedded in the stories of the people who live in this district,” adds Byrd.

Twenty artists were assigned to six intersections in East Austin. Each artist chose subjects that represent the culture of a specific intersection. Their works will be shown in various media including photography, painting, film, video, and live performance.

“We will view the soul of East Austin thru the eyes of these artists,” said Byrd. “Invisible Intersections” is where new meets old, black meets white, in the here and now. The “portraits” reflect a neighborhood in transition; those who were once familiar are now invisible.

Project curator Miriam Conner explains, “Each artist has chosen their own unique medium in approaching Six Square’s “Invisible Intersections” project.” For example, Jasmine Johnson and Betlhem Makonnen have chosen to share their view of one East Austin corner as a kaleidoscope created from wood, metal, and acrylic.  “In this work the viewer sees a whole that is broken down and segmented continually transforming, not only outside of, but also within itself,” adds Conner. “Ashton Guy is another “Invisible Intersections” artist.  Her work on oil and canvas will feature her muse, Symone Bailey, who recently moved to Austin from across the country to focus on getting in touch with herself in a new environment.


Invisible Intersections Schedule

March 31, 6:30 – 10 p.m.

Walking Tour & Block Party

Starts at the Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St, Austin, TX 78702) then moves to the Six Square Offices (1152 San Bernard St). The African American Cultural Facility/Dedrick-

Hamilton House (912 E. 11th Street) is the final stop on the walking tour

 April 8, 7-10 p.m.


The Six Square Office (1152 San Bernard St.)

April 15, 7-10 p.m.


Dedrick-Hamilton House (912 E. 11th St.)

April 22, 6:30-10 p.m.

VIP Closing party

Carver Museum (1165 Angelina St.)

Participating artists are: Ashé Arts, Arielle Austin, Chucky Black, Cindy Elizabeth, Fum Fum KO, Ashton Guy, Montsho Hughes, Jasmine Johnson, Betelhem Makonnen, Zell Miller, DaShade Moonbeam, Chaka Mpeanaji, Jonathan Maurel, Jason Phelps, Chris Rogers, Roy Rutngamlug, Zai Sadler, Ty West, and Lakeem Wilson. The soundscape was produced by Miriam Conner and Lisa Byrd.