The Wild Now have soul that separates them from the pack —
August 9, 2020

The Wild Now have soul that separates them from the pack

By Cat Cardenas

Between working three jobs, an internship and juggling classes as a full-time college student, The Wild Now frontwoman Taylor Baker still managed to help write and record her band’s debut EP “Tides.” Since releasing the EP last month, Baker said with her upcoming graduation from St. Edwards, she hasn’t had a moment to work on any new material.

“It’s a struggle,” Baker said. “I haven’t picked up my guitar to really write on my own, but it’s hard to have the creative energy. I feel like once I graduate, I’m just gonna lock myself in a room and write.”

The Austin-based indie soul band started out as a duo composed of Baker and Drew Walker, whom she met three years ago at South by Southwest. Formerly known as Taylor and The Wild Now, the band changed their name to The Wild Now after adding on other musicians as bassists and drummers. With enchanting vocals and hypnotic guitar melodies, most of the band’s songs have a soul that separates them from the indie genre, giving them a sound that’s completely their own.

“Our music isn’t necessarily wild, but the meaning behind it is to embrace the moment and to live in the now,” Baker said. “That’s kind of a reflection of our music — it’s not terribly thought out; it’s just kind of fun and spontaneous. We want people to enjoy it and feel kind of a sense of adventure when they listen to it.”

Their latest EP is made up of old and new songs, some written before the band was a full four-piece group. Among the collection of six songs, Baker said “Tides” is her favorite. “'(Tides)’ is something different that we haven’t really done before,” Baker said. “It’s very abstract, legally, and it just paints this really cool picture.”

Their off-beat sound may come from their musical influences—an atypical collection of bands from Alabama Shakes to Glass Animals.

“Glass Animals, for instance, all of their sounds are so unique—they tickle your ear,” Baker said. “I love listening to music where it’s surprising and it’s something that I’ve never heard before. We really strive to do that with our approach to songwriting; we draw from that.”

Once they’re performing their songs live, Baker said their favorite part of the performance is seeing the audience members getting into the songs. “I just love feeding off the crowd and feeding off of their energy and I just like knowing that our music is something that they enjoy,” Baker said.

It’s the feeling that she gets in front of crowds that has kept Baker going over the years. Though she didn’t pick up a guitar until high school, she’s now a multi-instrumentalist who hopes to continue her career as a musician. “Ever since I was little, I’ve loved to sing,” Baker said. “I did it for fun. It wasn’t something that I was trying to pursue, but when I started playing at open mics and coffee shops, I just couldn’t get away from it. Cool things kept happening.”

Before releasing “Tides,” the band had previously debuted another EP. Though one of that EP’s songs had 800,000 plays on SoundCloud, the band decided to take it down because it wasn’t representative of their current sound.

While Baker herself gets her songwriting influences from different experiences or sometimes a catchy melody stuck in her head, she said it’s the collective variety of styles and inspiration from each of the band members that give their latest release a unique sound.

“That’s what I love about songwriting and having a band,” Baker said. “You can work on a song and it goes from nothing into this collaborative beautiful thing.”