Turning the page on 8th anniversary —
August 14, 2020

Turning the page on 8th anniversary

By Lesly Reynaga

Civilization has come a long way since the first conversations about the internet began in the 1960s—the decade in which my parents were born. It took many years of collaboration between several computer science scholars and engineers, government agencies and research institutes to develop the network technology that would bring about the revolution of global communication.

TODO Austin is a print and online newspaper celebrating its eighth year of publication this month. We pride ourselves as being one of several Austin-based publications providing community news, with our emphasis being multicultural topics mirroring our increasingly diverse city.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing environment, it is crucial that minority owned community newspapers stay relevant online through an interactive website and social media. The internet has made possible the worldwide dissemination of news within minutes, making it a go-to source for many whether it’s through online video, blogs, social network platforms, RSS feeds and mobile apps.

The term, “internet,” was developed by the Federal Network Council in 1995—the decade in which I was born. Although accessible global communication and infrastructure have been important to humans for centuries, I believe they play an even bigger role in our way of life today.

There’s no denying the changes in media consumption that have come along with the massive spread of the internet and digital media in the past 15-20 years, especially among millennials and post-millennials. On the other hand, according to the Newspaper Association of America, 56 percent of people ages 18-34 still read print and online newspapers during a typical week. The NAA states that the main reason why young audiences continue to read their local newspaper is because they trust it more than other sources of information. Out of those aged 18-34 who read the local newspaper, 60 percent believe it to be more trustworthy. Only 43 percent of those using social media sites to find news find those to be trustworthy.

On that note, TODO Austin will be stepping up efforts online this year. I’ll be serving in an editorial capacity for the paper and website as we begin this new chapter. As a Monterrey, Mexico, native, I’ve enjoyed my six years in Austin, graduating from the University of Texas in 2014. As a Latina Austinite, I highly value community advocacy and those bringing together Latino, African-American, Asian American and all other cultures into the mainstream. I hope TODO Austin can play a small role in that effort.

Haruka Weiser
Haruka Weiser

As we launch our eighth year, we would like to dedicate this month’s issue to Haruka Weiser. The Austin community has deeply mourned the UT theatre and dance freshman’s recent passing, a shocking tragedy. To us at TODO Austin, she represents exactly what we stand for—embracing creativity, freedom of expression and raising our voice through our talents. As we begin a new year, we hope that we will all learn to come together as one community on important issues in the same way we did to express our grief for our beloved alumna’s eternal sleep. We’ll remember you always, Haruka.

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