Delia Garza making positive changes in our community —
July 8, 2020

Delia Garza making positive changes in our community

delia garza
Delia Garza

During her first term, Austin City Council Member District 2, Delia Garza, has demonstrated that she can turn her passion, dedication, and strong leadership skills into fruitful and impactful positive changes for our community.

Prior to Garza’s service on Council, she served her district as an Austin firefighter and then as an attorney advocating for many District 2 families as an Assistant Attorney General in the Child Support Division.  These experiences provided Garza direct and intimate knowledge of the challenges families in her district face on a daily basis, as well as an appreciation of all the qualities that make her district special.

As Austin’s first Latina elected to the City Council, who represents Austin’s highest concentration Hispanic district, Garza has far exceeded any expectations we had for the positive changes we hoped would come with the new 10-1 Council.

Garza was one of the strongest advocates for the new district system, which she promised would lead to all Austinites truly having a voice at City Hall. She has fought to be a strong and progressive voice for her district, and has shown that she can get measurable results for residents who felt like they did not have representation for far too long. These residents can now honestly say they have a champion on their side at City Hall.

During her first term, Garza worked to create a new health equity program to serve expanded populations with critical services, fought for affordable housing including home ownership opportunities for working families, led on an initiative to significantly increase Austin Energy’s investments in renewable energy, and worked tirelessly to increase multi-modal transportation options and improve our public transit system as a Capital Metro Board Member. She successfully advocated for critical services for her district including taking the lead on a buyout policy to move families out of harm’s way and increasing investments in transportation infrastructure to improve access to safe routes to schools.

Garza fought for our most vulnerable populations by helping to find meaningful solutions to address food access issues in the community and led on a historic increase of funding for health and human services.

Garza is steadfast in providing reliable and timely constituent services to ensure residents in her district have true representation. In addition, Garza’s skills at collaborating with a wide and diverse pool of residents, community advocates, members of City staff, and her colleagues on Council have helped her become one of the most effective leaders on Council at passing policy and bringing positive changes to her district and the City overall. Garza has proven to be one of the brightest leaders and one of the most effective advocates on Council.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has spoken of wise Latina women using the richness of their experiences, and nothing could be further from the truth in regards to the leadership approach Garza uses on a daily basis as she serves our community.

TODO Austin is committed to diversity and inclusion, and Garza has proven her commitment to integrating these values into every part of her service to our City. Garza isn’t afraid to speak up for issues she is passionate about and stands her ground in fighting for District 2 residents. Garza is a tireless champion and strong voice for working families, and we cannot recommend her strongly enough for a second term. There is no question that Garza is the strong, progressive, and dedicated Latina leader that District 2 residents deserve.

TODO Austin is proud to issue a strong and enthusiastic endorsement of Garza’s reelection bid to continue her service to District 2 on the Austin City Council.

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