Council Member Sheri Gallo eager to continue her work
July 5, 2020

Council Member Gallo eager to continue her work in next four years

sheri gallo

In 2014, Sheri Gallo was elected as the first 10-1 Austin City Council Member to represent District 10. Gallo’s family has lived in Austin for six generations. Prior to serving on the City Council, she spent over 35 years as a local real estate business owner.

In her past two years of service, Gallo’s areas of improvement have included community engagement, advocating for affordability, real traffic solutions, wildflower risk, improving neighborhoods and quality of life, among others.

As a Council Member, Gallo’s commitment to District 10 community engagement has been one of her top priorities. During the past two years, she and her staff have spent days, weekends and evenings attending over 500 District 10 neighborhood meetings and community events. Her District 10 office has hosted eight Town Halls on a variety of subjects and brought city staff expertise into the District 10 neighborhoods. She also publishes a newsletter that is emailed weekly to District 10 residents.

 Gallo has heard very clearly that homeowners, renters and business owners want the City Council to stop increasing their property tax and utility bills every year. She voted to fully implement the 20 percent homestead property tax exemption by 2018.  She has also been the leader in increasing the senior tax exemption to reduce seniors’ property tax bills.  As a fiscal conservative, Gallo voted against the 2016 city budget because it raised property taxes and utility fees and did not responsibly reduce city spending.

Council Member Gallo serves on Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Council Mobility Committee and is committed to finding real solutions to the traffic congestion that affects us all on a daily basis. She made sure that $63 million for District 10 roads was included in the mobility bond to improve Loop 360 intersections and add vehicle lanes to Spicewood Springs Rd. She was the first Council member to allocate funding to provide implementation of the new real-time Adaptive Signaling program. Every signaled intersection in District 10 will be improved by computerizing the traffic light system.

Many of the neighborhoods in District 10 are at risk for wildfires. Over the past two years, Gallo has worked with the Austin Fire Department to create specific wildfire protection plans and increase department funding to improve response times.

Gallo’s focus has not just been on these big issues but also on the smaller problems that affect all of us on a daily basis. Her District 10 office is always available to help residents with reducing speeding on neighborhood streets, creating safer routes to schools for children, repairing broken sidewalks and improving neighborhood parks. Gallo believes that fixing these problems makes an immediate difference in people’s lives and makes our neighborhoods safer and better.

As a realtor, Gallo saw that people typically choose a neighborhood before they choose a home. She understands how critical it is to maintain the best quality of life possible in our neighborhoods. She was the leader in including additional provisions to our city code to strengthen enforcement that allowed the City to shut down the short term rental party houses that were disrupting neighborhoods.

Sheri Gallo has expressed that over the past two years she could have probably earned a PhD in 20 different policy areas as she learned about running the 11th largest city in the nation and managing a $3.7 billion budget. “It has been an amazing and fascinating experience,” she said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my community and look forward to serving the residents for another four years.”

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