Port Arnasas is the perfect fall trip for true beach lovers
August 14, 2020

The perfect fall trip for true beach lovers

by Rose Di Grazia

port aransas

Most people are not thinking about taking a trip to the beach in the fall since school has started again. But real beach lovers don’t let certain times of the year interfere with their beach plans. In fact, anytime of the year is a good time for a beach trip in my book! Winter Texans and snowbirds know this is a prime time to head to the playa since the rates on hotels have dropped and the weather is slightly cooler. But tourists can still walk on the beach and now feel a nice breeze and still get a tan and swim. For Austinites, Port Aransas is the best and closest beach.

Port Aransas is only about a four-hour drive from Austin. My home away from home is Seashell Village, which is in walking distance to the beach and all kinds of good eats. You know you have arrived in paradise when you pull up and see the palms swaying and hear the seagulls overhead. At the village, one can relax by the pool or take a five-minute walk to the beach. This resort is the perfect place to stay with dogs, so look for one of their pet-friendly rooms. Each room offers a mini yard area just outside your door. The rooms are clean and cozy with a full-sized kitchen. For more information, go to seashellvillage.com.

The beach is breathtaking this time of year. You’ll be lucky if you see a few senior citizens walking their dogs. This time of year it’s you and the sound of the waves and a few local beach bums. Nothing but peace and beauty is all around.

After a day on the beach, head to La Barataria for the best sunset view of the water and the boats and the best happy hour. Plop down in one of the wicker chairs and let your mind drift out to sea as the sun sets on the water and the sound of the palms gets louder and louder with the evening beach breeze. Order the cheese plate fit for a king. This plate is big enough for a family of four with all kinds of imported cheeses, grapes, nuts, fresh baked bread and olive oil you just want to drink. The wine list is extensive and affordable. But you may not have room for dessert because the food is so rich and filling. The restaurant is located at Island Moorings Yacht Club and Marina. More information is available at labaratariarestaurantwinebar.com.

For a day out of the sun, stop in the Art Center. You can take a class or view the beautiful paintings of the beach. Help the center relocate to their new space by purchasing the art, jewelry, or greeting cards. Come for the yearly art show and help support the local artists in May every year.

Come to the beach for the day, a weekend or two weeks. This is one beach you won’t want to leave.

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