The Josephine House: an Austin holiday gem —
August 11, 2020

The Josephine House: an Austin holiday gem

By Rose Di Grazia

Step inside the Josephine House, located in historic Clarksville across the street from Fresh Plus, and you may think you just entered into Martha Stewart’s kitchen. The cozy house is reminiscent of charming homes in Vermont or upstate New York. The place is immaculate and filled with sunlight from the windows all around. It bounces off the squeaky clean hard wood floors. The smell of hot, fresh pastries is in the air. The pastries line the counter top and are visible for all to see as they are being seated. My eyes scanned the pumpkin scones, oatmeal cookies, fresh baked bread and quiche. It reminded me of when you went to grandmother’s house and desserts adorned the top of her table. I feel like a little girl wanting to jump up and down as my eyes scan the pastries like an old typewriter carriage going across the page.

The waiter takes us outside to a nook in a corner half in the shade and half in the sunshine. The leaves are falling like the ice-cold water filling my glass by the waiter. It is a breathtaking day and I am delighted to find this gem of a place.

I order the French press coffee for two. It is delicious and smooth yet strong. Next my mouth-watering pumpkin scone and oatmeal cookies appear. The scone has pumpkin in the middle and is the perfect fall treat with my morning coffee. My quiche with salad appears next. The crust is buttery and out of this world. I imagine what it would be like to come for Sunday brunch. The quiche is paired with a buttery salad with a salty, lemon-tasting dressing. It is the perfect addition to my eggs. The service is excellent. I never wanted for water or cream or anything. The waiter is always ready to serve.

The outside yard with tables is just as delightful as sitting inside. People are filling the yard and sitting outside under the beautiful trees. Don’t do what I did and just walk by when you see this place. I knew I wanted to come and dine there the first time I passed. I just didn’t know how much until I stopped in. The Josephine House is one place you don’t want to just walk on by, especially during the cozy holiday season. For more information, visit


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