Let's tear down the wall from our presidental election
June 4, 2020

Accept the challenge and tear down the wall!

By Lesly Reynaga


Disappointing, uncomfortable and frustrating. That is exactly how I describe the recent November election, the most openly racist, misogynist, offensive presidential candidate in American history won a ticket to the White House for the next four years. The American reality has come to light, and it is likely to come at a high cost to the entire nation.

The division is as loud and clear as the uncertainty that lies ahead with a new president who has absolutely no governing experience and an agenda full of outrageous ideas. A wall is likely be built among a friendly neighbor who has been crucial to the very existence of America. Although I consider the physical wall between America and Mexico to be an unrealistic idea, there are other ways to divide the two countries more than ever–restricting trade and travel are both good examples.

Racial, religious and all kinds of minorities are at risk of bullying with no consequences to the oppressors–after all, the new president has proven to be the biggest bully of them all. Within the first few weeks of the election, we saw white nationalist Richard B. Spencer speak to an audience of 200 supporters about “the most despicable creatures to ever populate this planet.” And let’s not forget about the men who rose to give Nazi salutes to his shouting of “Hail Trump!” Trump may have disavowed the alt-right after this scandal went viral, yet he is guilty of running an abusive campaign that has empowered such groups to become as active as we’ve seen in decades. Respect towards those who are different from us is supposed to come from the top down, and Trump lacks the essence of this important value.

A large majority of the millennial and minority populations have been played by older generations who refuse to accept cultural progress in this country. There is no question that the new, more accepting generations will sooner or later take back the power to lead the country into a brighter future, yet it could take many years to do so. The hard work of a progressive President Obama administration is likely to shatter, and the weight will be on our shoulders to pick up the pieces left from the mess that will be created in the next years. The tape has been set on rewind, and it is the job of all who reject ideas of hatred to stand up and defend the most vulnerable members of our community and tear down the wall. I personally accept the challenge and invite all to do so.

On a brighter note, our city has elected TODO Austin’s endorsees to City Council–Delia Garza for District 2, Greg Casar for District 4, Jimmy Flannigan for District 6, and Leslie Pool for District 7. Congratulations to all of them, and may we, more than ever, work together to build a strong, diverse and friendly city. Wishing all our readers a happy holiday season.



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