Online community call-out —
July 20, 2019

Online community call-out

By Merideth Cox

Diego Luna
Actor Diego Luna

TODO Austin is excited to announce that we have an entirely revamped and expanded website at We love the print version of our newspaper, but we realize that having an online version of TODO Austin is more convenient and accessible to many of our readers, so we’ve put a lot of effort into creating a site that not only contains everything in our print version, but gives us space for all of the important things happening in the community that we just can’t fit into the paper. We’ve made it easy to navigate on your computer, tablet, or phone, and to share stories and photos with others with a click of a button. It’s also a snap to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and well as browse all of our past issues dating back to July 2010.

Our website highlights all of our cover stories and features, but often with expanded interviews, photos and information. We link to all of the important community leaders, organizations, and events we profile so it’s easy to find them online and get involved. You’ll also find that has a ton of information that doesn’t make our paper: upcoming events, film reviews, news, travel tips, Austin insider information, and music reviews, along with much more. In the future, we plan to expand our galleries to highlight all the great photos taken at different events around our community, videos from different happenings in our city linked to our YouTube channel, and more complete coverage of the most diverse events that Austin has to offer.

We have a lot more space to cover a lot more stuff now, so if you’ve got an event that should know about, let us know! We’re always looking for stories and tips on interesting people doing interesting things in the community, volunteering opportunities and information, community awareness stories, intriguing bands, artists, shows, venues, musicians, events, festivals, galleries, politics, and technology, and upcoming events that appeal to Austin’s multi-cultural and diverse population. If you’ve got a tip on something you think belongs in our newspaper or on, visit the site to contact us!

We’re also always looking for people who want to get involved with TODO – be that as a writer, photographer, or contributor. If you’re looking for a way to get involved in your community and uncover important or interesting stories that affect Austin, visit to get in touch.

On a final note, with all the news in the media underscoring the heightened racial tension in the country, you may have missed the press around Diego Luna in the new film, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Luna, a Mexican actor, appears regularly in both Spanish-language and English-language films. In “Rogue One,” Luna chose not to modify his prominent Mexican accent, which on its own is not remarkable, but it is remarkable considering that the film has nothing to do with Luna being Mexican in any way, which actually is a pretty rare thing in Hollywood films. Usually when a Latino has a thick accent in a mainstream film, the character’s race or nationality is the primary focus of the film. “Rogue One” doesn’t do this at all, and it’s refreshing. I think it’s a remarkable stance to take in casting and sets a notable standard for how minority and underrepresented actors should be portrayed in mainstream films. It’ll be interesting to see what impact Luna’s choice might have on the movie industry going forward.

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