The Taming —
March 24, 2017

The Taming

By Rose Di Grazia

Lauren Gunderson’s play, “The Taming,” currently playing at Howson Hall, is filled with many surprises. These include a beauty pageant, the United States Constitution, women being locked in a hotel room with one crawling around in her underwear, and much screaming and yelling, not to mention an ether trip.

The play opens with fireworks and lots of flag waving and singing of patriotic songs by a Miss America contestant. Funny, that implies a pun by a disillusioned “Female America” representative who is contesting the status quo as seen later in the play. But this begs the question: who is the REAL patriot? In this all-female power play featuring Paradox Players, the character who is willing to take matters into her own hands by calling for a new Continental Congress to rewrite the U.S. Constitution takes the lead. Does she dare try to change the foundation that our Founding Fathers established in our nation’s infancy?

In light of our last presidential election in which many women hoped to see our nation’s first female president elected, and especially since our first African-American President Barack Obama was elected and then re-elected for a second term, the loss is felt all the more acutely by such brave women.

“The Taming” basically unfolds the mechanism by which our brave heroine convinces two other women from equally staunch yet diametrically opposed camps, liberal and conservative, to join her in her quest of Holy Grail proportions to re-envision America.

Does she succeed? See the play for yourself! For more information on this and other shows, visit

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