New Alamo Drafthouse Mueller brings unique family-friendly fun —
August 6, 2020

New Alamo Drafthouse Mueller brings unique family-friendly fun

By Merideth Cox

The Alamo Drafthouse, Austin

Fans of the Alamo Drafthouse have been patiently awaiting the opening of its newest Austin location: the Alamo Drafthouse Mueller. Now the final touches are done, the new staff is trained and the sixth Alamo location in Austin is open and ready for film-goers. As the name suggests, the newest Alamo iteration is located in the rapidly developing Mueller neighborhood of Austin. Since its announcement, this Alamo has been touted as a more family-friendly location, which makes sense given its proximity to places like the Thinkery and Mueller Parks.

“Obviously we wanted to create an Alamo that delivers exactly what Austinites have grown to know and love about our cinemas,” said Katy Daiger Dial, the Programming and Promotions Manager for the new theater. “Each time we offer a new theater, it takes on some unique features relevant to its surrounding communities. Since we knew we’d be so close to the Thinkery, Dell Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities, we wanted to imbibe a playful and youth spirit to the building and the programming.”

Inside the new Alamo Drafthouse Mueller

The interior of the theater definitely reflects this. The Alamo Drafthouse Mueller has six auditoriums of different sizes featuring large, reclining seats, all with individual tables. And the interior is just cool. There’s a huge staircase leading to the theaters and a giant wraparound patio on the second floor. The décor shows the attention to detail and fun that the Alamo has become known for.

“I think my favorite part of the new theater is the overall design, like the hallway to the theaters,” Dial continued. “We could have left it simple, but instead we have a walk through film history with the French and Italian spaghetti western posters. And we have a spaceship! As a sci-fi fan myself I really geeked out over that. We wanted something that would resonate with young and old. Even the carpet [is fun]. It was designed as a secret game: try and get to your theater by only stepping on the red circles!”

It’s exciting to go to a place where even the employees are excited about being there, but the patrons seemed pretty psyched so far as well. This Alamo has a state of the art bar and event space called the “Barrel O’ Fun.” During the day, there’s a vintage boardwalk feel and carnival games. They’ve got a special menu featuring kid-friendly fare. Most live music shows in the space will be all-ages. You can even expect a selection of special events for families with hands-on creative activities during the early evening and on weekends.

But after the sun sets, the “R-E-L” part of the sign dims out and the place becomes the much more adult-friendly “Bar O’ Fun,” with all of the usual bar offerings, craft cocktails, and an excellent draft beer selection. Expect more standard grown-up fun like DJ sets, live bands, Geeks Who Drink and more during those hours.

The new theater is on target to be a great addition to Mueller and the Austin community as a whole.

“Everything has been going great,” said Dial. “We’ve been so honored by the response of our guests and the neighborhood. It’s all well and good to build a cinema, but it’s nothing without people inside it.”

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