Entering our ninth year of publication —
August 5, 2020

Entering our ninth year of publication

By Lesly Reynaga

9th anniversay todo austin
TODO Austin celebrates 9 years with our latest issue.

TODO Austin is proud to celebrate the beginning of its ninth year of publishing this month. This paper was created eight volumes ago as a form of expression for Austin’s minority communities. Our mission has become more significant with the years as Austin’s rapid growth continues to impact its demographics in various ways.

The Asian and Latino communities continue to expand in our city–household growth in both of these communities far exceeds the growth of Anglo households, according to the City Department of Planning and Zoning. The Asian and Latino populations are also socio-economically diverse.

Latinos contribute to various sector jobs, from high-tech and trade to construction and service, in addition to the fact that higher-than-average Latino household sizes have kept Austin one of the youngest cities in the country.

Our Asian community is made up of residents with origins in several countries, mostly India, Vietnam and China. A great number of Vietnamese households migrating from the Houston area have enriched our city with a highly entrepreneurial population that has opened new businesses, purchased restaurants, made loans available to its network and acquired real estate.

More critically, Austin’s African American community is heading the opposite direction. East Austin’s historical African American density began its decline in the 1980s and continues to face challenges such as gentrification, which continues to force families to migrate to suburban areas and other parts of Austin.

“The importance of this decrease in share should not be underestimated as just a few decades ago African Americans made-up around 15 percent of the city’s population and just a few decades from now African Americans could represent a mere five percent of the city’s population and constitute the smallest minority group in the city,” City Demographer Ryan Robinson states.

It would be unfair to ignore the great contributions that diversification have brought to Austin. Multiculturalism is a big factor in the continued success and growth of this city, and TODO Austin aims to tell the stories of the real faces who are the engine of our thriving community.

TODO Austin continues to receive ongoing support from a number of local organizations, including long-time partners such as the City of Austin, Guero’s Taco Bar, Long Center for the Performing Arts, KLRU, Austin Symphony Orchestra and Texas Performing Arts.

Just as vital to TODO Austin have been the countless hours of work from our Associate Editors Liz Lopez and Monica Peña, Contributing Staff Rose Di Grazia and César E. López Linares, Managing and Web Editor Meredith C. Cox, Art Director and co-founder Dave McClinton, Publisher and co-founder Gavin Garcia and hundreds of contributors over the years.

We are also grateful to the local businesses around the city that provide our print media a space for distribution.

We look forward to another year of sharing stories about culture and diversity that change the course of our local history.

Finally, we invite all our readers to join in events such as the Asian American Resource Center’s annual CelebrASIA: Asian Pacific American Food and Heritage Festival, commemorating Asian Pacific Heritage Month on Saturday, May 6, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

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