Discover a beach haven at Port Aransas, TX —
August 11, 2020

Discover a beach haven at Port Aransas, TX

By Rose Di Grazia

port aransas
Port Aransas, on the Texas coast

With the heat index rising day after day, now is the perfect time to put your new bathing suit on and head to the nearest playa. My beach of choice in Texas happens to be Port Aransas, which is only about a four-hour drive from Austin. With two new furry babies in tow, I headed out for my first beach trip of the year in May.

My final destination upon arriving in Port A is my yearly beach home Seashell Village. This resort is surrounded by lush palms everywhere and the smell of Jasmine wafts through the air. My first priority is to get the pups out of the car and into the pet friendly rooms with hardwood floors in front of the two pools. They jump up on the recliner and make themselves right at home.  My second priority, after bringing all the luggage in, is to head out on foot to the delicious Shells restaurant right next door. It is my refuge.

Port AransasShells is known for their delicious Italian dishes and New Orleans style gumbo. I indulged in my chipotle cream and smoked chicken pasta dish. For healthy greens, I ordered the huge salad with tomatoes and black olives. Order up some crunchy garlic bread or plain bread fresh out of the oven. For dessert,  most customers know not to forget to take home a slice of the out-of-this-world Bourbon Pecan pie or heavenly Key Lime pie. You will need a long walk on the beach after this feast. The place is not fancy but the food is divine. Come early or you may find yourself standing in line.

Back at the village, I take a dip in the salt water pool. The sounds of seagulls and palms swaying is music to my ears. I settle down in my room with some yummy ice cream purchased at the local IGA grocery store. It is in walking distance from my room and so are tons of restaurants and shops. I am lucky to have a kitchen with all the amenities of home, stocked with pots, pans and dishes. My kitchen has a breakfast table but the beach patio is calling so I must go sit and drink my coffee with the gulls. I could sit there forever, but alas, I must go walk on the shore which is only about a 10-minute stroll from my door. The water is bathtub temperature and the sand is still cool beneath my feet.

The next morning I head to my neighborhood Coffee Waves to get my java for the day. I can sit out on the Adirondack chairs and chat with the locals or watch the beach carts go by. This coffee haven is not like any in Austin. No one is cranky cause you ask for a glass of iced water along with your jolt. I tell the barista this and she claims we are all on beach time. That afternoon I go in search of a Condo, mobile home or RV to maybe live in and never have to return to Austin’s busy traffic. On this trip I had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Port A. He was so kind to show me a lovely mobile home he and his wife were selling. Unfortunately, they said it was spoken for and I would have to continue my search for my beach oasis.

For now, my beach paradise will remain Seashell Village until I find a place to hang up my beach hat and call home sweet home.

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