Asian American Resource Center survey —
July 5, 2020

Asian American Resource Center survey

Asian American Resource Center, Austin

The Network of Asian American Organizations (NAAO) is seeking input on the public’s experience at the Asian American Resource Center and they are gathering community-based needs information for Phases 2 & 3 of the project. The public is asked to take some time to fill out their survey and tell them what you would like to see in the future.

The Asian American Resource Center (AARC) currently features a 5,000 square foot ballroom, six classrooms, two community rooms, library/computer lab, conference room, and cultural exhibitions/display spaces. In addition, there is a great lawn outdoor space. The AARC site is 15 acres and Phase-1 used about 4 acres. We need your input to tell us your needs in AARC Phase 2 & 3.

NAAO is an umbrella organization for 16 Asian American organizations in the Austin area and is hosting this AARC Phase 2&3 Need Survey for planning purposes only. The NAAO acts as a leading service network and advocate for the Asian American community with a mission to unite and promote community through service, education, and cultural programs.

Currently, there is no timeline for constructing Phase 2 & 3 of the project.

Among the questions are: How often do you come to the Asian American Resource Center, City of Austin? How would you rate our AARC Facility (building itself)? What do you typically do at AARC? Which parts of the AARC facility do you use? What transportation do you use to visit the AARC? How long do you stay at AARC when you come? What “New Spaces” should be added to the Asian American Resource Center? What new outdoor spaces should be added to the AARC? Will you support expansion of AARC Phase 2 & 3 and add it to the City of Austin’s future projects?

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