Hindu Charities for America awards $43K in scholarships —
April 1, 2020

Hindu Charities for America awards $43K in scholarships

By Harish Kotecha

Harish Kotecha and Becky Lott. (Photo by Rama Tiru) of HC4A

Hindu Charities for America (HC4A) raised $43,000 in scholarships funds in 2016, one of the largest amounts ever raised by an Asian American group for scholarships in the Austin area.  The majority of funds was raised from the organization’s annual Aadhaar Gala last November, with other support coming from individual donations and those donations gathered at GAMA affiliated stores.


HC4A’s events raised donations totaling $7, 500 raised for the Manor Independent School District, $20,500 for students of Austin Community College, and $15,000 to Capital Idea.

At a recent Manor Independent School District trustee meeting, Harish Kotecha (HC4A Chair), Brahmaji Mutyala (HC4A Foundation Board Member), Vimal Motipara (HC4A Operation Board), Rama Tiru (HC4A Operation Board) and Dinesh Vakharia presented $7,500 for scholarships to Dr. Avery, Superintendent of Manor ISD. HC4A was likewise presented an Excellence in Education Award. Kotecha also recognized Becky Lott, Student and Family Support Services Director, with the HC4A Selfless Service Award to recognize her contributions to Inspire HC4A.

Dinesh Vakharia recently presented $20,500 in scholarship awards to Austin Community College’s Mike Shaw, Chair of ACC Foundation Board of Directors. Eleven recipients who have earned HC4A scholarships at ACC have graduated and entered the job market.

This year, the grant to Capital Idea of $15,000 will pay for tuition for 15 students. Vakharia and Kotecha presented the check to Steve Jacobs, Capital Idea Executive Director.

These awards are an example of how that the Asian community is helping address income disparity issues facing the Austin metro area.

Founded in 2010, HC4A’s mission, to “Bridge Income Disparity through Education,” features two programs, an annual donation of school supplies for the homeless via Jewish Community and Vocational Training Scholarships for students who are economically disadvantaged.

The 2nd Annual HC4A Gala will be at Crown Plaza on November 4, 2017. Visit www.hc4a.org for more information.

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