Genuine Joe Coffeehouse —
August 11, 2020

Genuine Joe Coffeehouse

Get yer java jolt, by Rose Di Grazia

genuine joe
Coffee from Genuine Joe Coffeehouse, Austin, TX

The living room is not what this place is called, but it certainly should be. Instead, it’s called Genuine Joe Coffeehouse. Most loyal patrons who visit it daily think of it as their very own living room–I know I do. I have been going there for years. The building is about 100 years old according to Mrs. Evans, who bought the house in the 1960s and claims she discovered an old newspaper in the place which dated back to 1916.  Josh Brown, a former Genuine Joe manager, has taken it over since former owner Dave Swainston and his partner retired not too long ago.

Josh Brown has lived in Austin since 1994. He was born in Alaska and grew up in New Mexico and later moved to Colorado before making Austin his home. Brown feels that Austin and coffee shops have become more about product and less about personal connections. But in his eyes Genuine Joe’s is not worried about being cool.  He wants to keep the coffee shop feel and has no plans to serve alcohol at this old Austin preservation. He has a “community first” philosophy. At this eclectic shop, writers groups and singer/songwriter groups come together on certain days of the month to recite their works or play new tunes. A comedy group has also formed since Josh took over the space. Now you can have comedy, coffee and cake!

Really, stop by Genuine Joe for a great cup of java and pastries galore. The coffee is always made right and you won’t go hungry with the breakfast tacos, pastries, cookies and bars which are too numerous to mention. Bring your laptop and set up or bring a good read and sit in the comfy sitting room up front or find a seat in the cellar to work. Patrons can also sit outside and enjoy the quiet of the porch and deck outside. Genuine Joe offers genuinely good coffee and camaraderie. More information at


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