As white supremacy rises, are our voices, too? —
August 5, 2020

As white supremacy rises, are our voices, too?

By Rene DeLeon

Marco Galaviz Luna photo

This column wasn’t supposed to be this.

I was supposed to talk about obesity rates among the Latino community in Austin (they’re bad). I was supposed to talk about how adding a highway loop to our city would be incredibly beneficial to minority groups that have been driven out of the city center but have to drive into the city to work every day (pretty obvious). I was supposed to talk about my favorite raspas place in town (honestly, I haven’t decided yet; still looking for recommendations). I was supposed to talk about a lot of things.

But I just can’t bring myself to talk about those things now, when the President has decided to speak out in defense of white supremacists and neo-Nazis. I don’t even want to call them neo-Nazis because there’s nothing “neo” about them. They still hate anyone who isn’t like them. They still hate us. Nothing is new, nothing is “neo.”

I’m sure in the next few days there will be new gaffes, new atrocities, new disappointments. I’m so tired of being shocked, but that’s just what they want. These domestic terrorists want us to get exhausted. They want us to tune out. So we can’t. I can’t.

Scrolling through Twitter these days, I see promoted posts saying things like “Hey check out my new book!” “I’m still getting over The Bachelor can you believe it?” I instantly unfollow  all of them, because how can you not be affected by the massive atrocities happening in today’s political world? By everything? How can it not permeate every part of your day? I’m seriously asking, because I wish I could live a life where scrolling Reddit or Twitter isn’t a constant game of “What did he do now?”

If you aren’t talking about this, what are you saying?

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  1. When was the last time that a Neo-Nazi punched you in the face? How much is this mass-hysteria caused by our obsession of watching news that sell nothing but conflict to all of us? Are we all clear that the most important objective of news, right or left, is to sell advertisement by keeping us engaged and talking to each other about their content?

    My advice, take a stroll with a bicycle through the streets of Austin. Do it every day.. feel the city… see the people… there are more those who want to be nice to each other than those that dont.
    ditch social media… embrace real life.

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