Sound On Sound Fest 2017 Cancelled —
August 10, 2020

Sound On Sound Fest 2017 Cancelled

If you had tickets to Sound On Sound Fest this year, you just got a very disappointing email. From Sound on Sound:

We are extremely saddened to announce today that Sound On Sound Fest 2017 is being cancelled. This is one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. Due to several recent roadblocks outside of our control and in an effort to do right by our fans, the decision to cancel the event was our only real option.

All ticket holders will be 100% refunded for the costs of their tickets. That refund process has already been initiated through our ticketing partner, Eventbrite, for all attendees who purchased ticket(s) through their site. There is no action necessary on your end and you can expect to see the refund on your credit/debit card statement within the next 5-7 business days.

So, huge bummer. The festival last year (also its first) was great, and many people were anticipating another awesome lineup this year in Sherwood Forest (which ended up being a really offbeat and fun place to have a music festival). But for reasons that aren’t entirely clear yet, it’s not happening, and the future of the fest is up in the air as well.

But the silver lining is that the organizers of Sound On Sound Fest have made an effort to re-book many of the artists at various venues around Austin for the same weekend as Sound On Sound (Nov 10-12th) and SoS ticket holders get first dibs on tickets to these shows. No, it’s not the same as Sound On Sound, and it’s still a bummer that it’s not happening, but at least you still have a chance to catch some of the acts if you want. Tickets for the individual shows are on sale now; find them at With luck, Sound On Sound will be back on its feet and running again for next year.


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