AARC Community Art Exhibit —
July 8, 2020

AARC Community Art Exhibit

Asian American Resource Center, Austin

The AARC Community Art Exhibit Program displays artworks year-round that celebrate the diverse and dynamic cultural heritage, history, identity and creativity of Asian American Pacific Islanders. Exhibits are displayed on a quarterly schedule. The Exhibit Program’s Call for Artworks applications will re-open January 1- March 15, 2018.

Migration by Raquel Zawrotny & Samuel Velasquez is on display through December 16. In Migration, Zawrotny and Velasquez studied how various Asian and Pacific Islander cultures and peoples are connected to one another through universal folklores. Commonalities are found in these stories through symbolic flora and fauna like the lotus and the elephant. They depict how various folklores of East and Southeast Asia have evolved through time when their culture bearers migrate away from their birth places. They mix different media and techniques as well as stylizations to represent the diversity of stories.

Waves Of Hope: Asian American History In Austin: Austin is home to many Asian Americans along with their rich history, culture, and traditions that are preserved and passed on to future generations by their families and communities.  This exhibit showcases some of the history that is lesser known but nevertheless important to document and remember.

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