Host your holiday party at Z-Tejas —
August 11, 2020

Host your holiday party at Z-Tejas

By Rose Di Grazia

Z-Tejas Southwestern Grill on W 6th St, Austin

If you usually come for a happy hour at Z-Tejas, you should not forget about their exquisite dinners! Don’t get in a rut and only order appetizers at this Southwestern gem–trust me, I’m guilty of that. I was in the habit of visiting this place for many years and dining in for happy hours and dancing, only I forgot to look at the rest of the menu. All those years, I was so focused on the fun I had dancing that food was secondary.

Last Friday, I got to kick up my heels to the Latin jazz/salsa sounds of the Brew and I indulged in some wonderful dishes, such as the poblano stuffed pepper and the stuffed pork tenderloin. The pepper was stuffed with chicken on a bed of rice and black beans. It was topped with a green chili cheese sauce. It was creamy and finger-licking good, as KFC might say, although this dish blows any fried chicken dish out of the water. Next I took a bite of the pork dish. This was stuffed with chorizo and served with a vegetable medley, not to mention the Green Hatch mashed potatoes. My meal was  paired with a Berry Peach Margarita–the perfect ending to a fantastic meal.

Z-Tejas is located in a cute little house on West 6th Street. Just up the stairs, you will see people lounging on chairs on the patio deck. Inside you will find the friendly hostess and the bar. Sit inside and enjoy dinner or head down the walkway to another outdoor deck and sit under the stars to dine in the open air. After dinner, head downstairs to listen to the sounds of the great entertainment the restaurant offers.

The kind and hospitable manager, Aaron Benavidez, will make you feel right at home and will be happy to set up your next party or event. With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect place to have that office Christmas or New Year’s Eve bash. No more driving around downtown looking for a place to park, dine and dance. Why do that when Z-Tejas has all you need in one spot? For more information visit

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