Animal Services Office achieves new lifesaving record of 97.9% —
July 16, 2020

Animal Services Office achieves new lifesaving record of 97.9%

The Austin Animal Services Office has achieved a new record of 97.9% of lives saved for 2017, improving upon last year’s record-breaking number of 96.4%.

Other notable accomplishments for the year include facilitating 8,093 adoptions, returning 3,363 pets to their owners and transferring 4,070 animals to rescue groups. Volunteers donated 48,996 hours and 2,404 animals went to foster homes.

In 2010, Austin’s City Council passed a resolution requiring the Animal Services Office to maintain a greater-than-90-percent lifesaving rate. With innovative programs, such as engagement-based animal protection and outreach, a large dog foster program, and the support of a passionate Austin community, ASO has surpassed 90 percent every year since 2011.

“We are so grateful to our community for stepping up year-after-year to help us save lives” said Lee Ann Shenefiel, Interim Chief Animal Services Officer. “It’s truly a group effort to be the largest No Kill community in the nation, and we’re looking forward to more record-breaking years ahead”.

ASO programs strive to engage residents in conversations around animal related needs in their neighborhoods and provide access to microchipping, sterilization and vaccinations and resources such as food, proper housing and beds to families in need. Working toward ensuring the pet and owner bond is maintained is an integral part of the No Kill plan and allows the ASO to remain the largest No Kill municipally operated shelter in the country.

The Animal Services Office operates the Austin Animal Center, the largest No Kill municipal animal shelter in the United States. They provide shelter to more than 16,000 animals annually. Their goal is to provide a safe place for lost and homeless animals and to educate our community in order to prevent animal homelessness and promote compassionate treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

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