SINE's new single out February 2 —
July 5, 2020

SINE’s new single out February 2

SINE (photo by Teresa Jolie)

Austin’s electronic/alternative rock band SINE will release five digital singles throughout 2018 beginning on February 2 with “Love High.” The tune has a synth-pop sound with sultry vocals, alluring/danceable bass lines and spellbinding pop melodies.

“Love High” and the four following singles will be available for streaming and downloading worldwide, and later this year on CD as the band’s debut EP, to be titled “INSOMNIÆ.”

SINE is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Rona Rougeheart, who leads the project but is quick to call SINE a band.

“I’ve been writing songs for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to start something of my own,” Rougeheart said. “I had left Dead Love Club (with Alex Vallejo), and learned how to record music using Ableton. I realized the demos I created sounded like a new project, which became SINE. I put a band together to perform with and started to play shows in Austin and throughout Texas. I had decided I wanted SINE to be a band rather than ‘Rona solo’ because I like that band-family connection and I like having bandmates to collaborate and make great music with. I’m excited about 2018 because we have killer new tunes, a new stage show with synced videos and lighting, plus amazing music video ideas in the works.”

All five singles were recorded and produced in Austin with Charles Godfrey/Scary American (also of Sonic Ranch) at his studio at Mosaic Sound Collective. Godfrey, in his two-decade plus audio career, has been engineer/producer on over 75 recordings, including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Itz Blitz” and “Mosquito,” and The Black Angels “Indigo Meadow.”

I met Charles at Mosaic Sound Collective and learned about his work. When I told him I had a band, he asked to hear our demos,” Rougeheart added. “We clicked quickly and got to work. It was truly exciting! He’s a complete pro. He helped shape the songs and brought them to a higher level. It was a bonus that I found out he is also a drummer, so we bonded on that level as well and had some fun banging on the drums in studio. No ideas were off-limits, that’s what made recording with Charles so fun.”

SINE weaves dance beats with industrial noise and layers of booming bass, synths and guitars into a mix of jagged textures and dark, lush fusions. It has Rougeheart stepping out from behind the kit with a strong, provocative, female-fronted project with influences such as Curve and Garbage, and nods to Queens of The Stone Age, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. SINE features Rougeheart on lead vocals, drums and programming and Jared Christ and Ranson Hayes both on guitar.

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