Bon appetite: Spring into the season with pastries from La Patisserie —
September 27, 2020

Bon appetite: Spring into the season with pastries from La Patisserie

By Rose Di Grazia

la patisserie
Macarons from Austin's La Patisserie

North and South Austin are one the same when it comes to La Patisserie pastry boutique. In fact, Austinites are lucky to have two locations of this pastry shop. I first discovered the one located at 602 West Annie Street on my way back from the Vet in South Austin a few years back. But I am happy to say there is also one located at 7301 Burnet Road in my neck of the woods. This boutique is a wonderful respite from the busier cafes down the street.

Upon entering this heavenly bakery the smell of chocolate baking was in the air. Yum! The sound of Tony Bennett singing one of his love songs filled this quaint tiny shop. It was so nice to walk into this gem of a place. I have been disappointed by cranky baristas elsewhere who get disgruntled if you ask for a glass of water with your java. Luckily, you won’t find that here. Boy, was I lucky on this visit: it happened to be National Mint Chocolate Day! So everyone who walked in was given a delicious treat to indulge in. It just so happened on that day the place was packed with folks of all ages. In time they may need a larger space. It was noon and a dozen or more people filled this two-table shop.

Soraiya Nagree
Owner Soraiya Nagree

This quaint cafe has two small tables and a long counter for most of its customers and a few tables outside. The place is small but well worth the wait. Black and white photos of Europe adorn the walls along with a chalkboard with the words “Bon appetite” written across it. A case with delectable pastries sat across from me. The little ones who had entered the shop were jumping up and down in front of it pointing to the goodies they so desired. The selection was enormous. There was no shortage of pastries here– for me that is a deal breaker and a reason to walk out of a cafe. The shelves were lined with chocolate hazelnut cake, éclairs, champagne cake, four kinds of cookies, scones, croissants of all kinds, orange honey almond buns, etc. The macaroons are too numerous to mention and divine. You must come in and see for yourself.

For my lunch, I had a choice of a yummy chicken salad sandwich and chips or a hot ham and cheese. I chose the chicken salad and chips. For dessert, the creamy champagne cake was calling my name. I topped off my delicious lunch with a cup of hot coffee.

I knew this place was my cup of joe when I spotted the stainless steel espresso machine shining in the window with real china cups on top. That’s one way to know whether you will get a great coffee drink or not. Coffee drinks galore are yours for the taking. For those of you non-coffee drinkers, choose from chai tea, lemonade, hibiscus sunrise, zhi tea, and iced tea.

La Patisserie is open daily 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you don’t have time to sit and drink your cares away, order your java and pastry to go. Everything comes in a cute little brown gift box, which is appropriate given that desserts here are a gift. Come treat yourself or someone else to the gift of a fabulous dessert. For more information, go to

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