Two weeks to Finding Euphoria Festival —
July 5, 2020

Two weeks to Finding Euphoria Festival

By Merideth Cox

euphoria fest
Finding Euphoria Festival

If you’ve got tickets to this year’s Finding Euphoria Festival, you may be getting a little worried.

The 4-year-old festival is scheduled for May 11-13 at Carson Creek Ranch on the outskirts of Austin but unlike in years past, its organizers are still missing the all-important permit from the county to actually hold the festival.

This year’s festival is already scaled down from the first three — instead of a 3-day music festival hosting upwards of 20,000 people, this year the fest is a one-day music festival with two days of camping, with about 5,000 people expected. Organizers describe this year’s event as an “intentional scaling back of our programming, offering a more intimate festival to our fans.” County officials received the permit application on March 27th, but said it was missing information that the county needed, hence the delay. Festival organizers have been trying to catch up and additional documents that have been submitted since then are currently being reviewed, but ticket-holders might feel like the organizers are cutting it pretty close now that the festival is so near.

Like many things in Austin, county officials are trying to walk that line between the festival economy, which is an important part of Austin’s economic and cultural background as a live music stalwart, but also take into account the security of the festival and attendees, traffic control issues, as well as noise regulations for people living around the proposed festival area (an issue that Euphoria Fest already had to address in 2015).

However, the organizers of the festival are committed to making sure the show goes on as planned. Spokesperson Erin Suddleson said on Wednesday:

“We’re working to provide all the necessary documentation for a safe event, and we look forward to collaborating with County staff to make all appropriate adjustments based on their guidance. Finding Euphoria is grateful to the Austin and Travis County communities that have made this festival and events over the years possible.”

Finding Euphoria does provide a nice respite from Austin’s other large festivals, and is a must if you follow the electronic music scene. Sure, ACL is great, but sometimes you just want to head to the country, sleep in a tent, and dance to EDM under the Texas stars, right? The lineup this year includes Gramatik, Hippie Sabotage, G Jones, BlackGummy, Cray, among others.

The full lineup, tickets, and camping passes are still available at We think it’s worth it.

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