Austin comedy heavyweights imagine a different Texas in "High from Texas" —
May 20, 2019

Austin comedy heavyweights imagine a different Texas in “High from Texas”

The founders of Dream Shake Productions in Austin are partnering  with the city’s top comedians, writers, improvisors, musicians, and actors to produce a new comedy web series called “High from Texas.” Dream Shake has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the forward-thinking and sometimes zany comedy, which will begin shooting in Austin at the end of September, employing local cast and crew.

Here’s the pitch: It’s Austin, Texas. The year is 2023. The Net Neutrality riots have finally calmed down. Elon Musk is exiled on Mars. Selena Gomez saved Texas from secession. Good ol’ Willie Nelson made a sacrifice for the good of all mankind. And weed is legal. EVERYWHERE. “High from Texas” revolves around Misty and Chet Davis, a couple from the small Texas town of Big River. The Davises respect guns, watch football, and love Beyoncé, living their lives honorably as any good Texan would. What separates them, however, is the fact they possess the very first license to sell marijuana in Texas. Their journey to get the state’s first dispensary up and running doesn’t come easy, as their unknown rival, Manuel Marco, has been Big River’s number one marijuana source for decades.

Writers Carl Stoneking and Cody Dearing aim to create a slightly grounded, rambunctious, character-based ensemble comedy that appeals to more than just potheads and Texans. Every character and situation is designed so no punches get pulled, with plenty of “I reckons” and “Bless your hearts” in between. According to Stoneking, the “High from Texas” is meant to capture the concept that Texas is home to people from all walks of life. “From the outside,” explains Stoneking “people think Texas is one big stereotype, but Texas is very diverse and there are many different types of people living here. We use a silly web series about marijuana to show that all of these people can come together.” The show will be shot in mockumentary style, employing shoulder mounts and direct to camera confessionals.

Does this sound like something you’d like to see? Even if you don’t expect the legalization of marijuana to happen in Texas anytime soon (unlike so many other states!), there’s still something to be said for a project that supports and employs locals; plus, it’s always fun to see your city on the screen. Also, Willie Nelson is fully onboard.

The Kickstarter campaign already has 68 backers and counting, but ends on August 31st. To find out more about the project, watch the trailer, monitor project updates, or make a contribution, visit

For more information on Dream Shake Projections, previous projects, or the team, visit

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