HALLOWEEN to premiere as Fantastic Fest's Opening Night Film —
August 12, 2020

HALLOWEEN to premiere as Fantastic Fest’s Opening Night Film

There’s hardly a cinephile around who doesn’t adore the 1978 classic John Carpenter horror film Halloween. It’s the movie that spurred a thousand imitators, brought the character of Michael Myers into popular culture, and acted as Jamie Lee Curtis’ big break. I’m among those who still get a chill if I hear even a snippet of the distinctive soundtrack. I know for certain I’m not the only horror fan who has been anxiously awaiting the new 2018 Halloween in which Curtis is reprising her iconic role of Laurie Strode, and in which she’ll face her final confrontation with Michael Myers — the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

This year, anyone who already has a badge to Fantastic Fest will be among the few who get to attend the US premiere of Halloween, as it’s just been announced as the opening night film for the festival. Jamie Lee Curtis along with producers Malek Akkad, Jason Blum and Bill Block will all be in attendance to introduce and then discuss the film afterwards. Fantastic Fest usually manages to premiere and screen some remarkable genre movies, but the new Halloween is creating a distinctive buzz on top of that, due to it’s iconic nature alone. But also, having already watched the trailer, it looks like it promises to be creepy, tense, and shocking, just like the original, with Curtis at the top of her game.

Don’t have a badge yet? There are still some available at the Fantastic Fest site, ranging from $99 to $520 bucks. Fantastic Fest usually also does individual tickets the day of the show if a screening isn’t full, but don’t count on Halloween being one of those movies.


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