Start the New Year with a fun and food experience at High 5 —
July 2, 2020

Start the New Year with a fun and food experience at High 5

By Rose Di Grazia

For those of you who are too lazy to get out of your car during the cold to see that High 5 on Anderson Lane is not just bowling I guess it’s my job as Austin’s foodie to inform you about it. So listen up: It’s GOURMET FOOD, I tell ya!

On a wet day I was in search of something new to eat in the area. I spotted a sign that read High 5. Being the curious person that I am and sick of eating stale pastries at the local coffee spots I decided to go in. I walked in and seated myself at the huge circular bar surrounded by TV screens. The place was empty. I honestly do not know why.  They had just opened and either the rain was keeping folks out or perhaps they weren’t willing to poke their head in and see what this place has to offer. The sign reads Good Times and Vibes. You may be asking, “what does that mean?”

For starters, it is not just bowling and arcade games–it’s food that might be ordinary someplace else that is extraordinary! I had the pleasure of eating at this new hot spot twice. Each time was even better then the last time. The place offers fantastic food, cleanliness, good service and price. I was impressed by Chef David Hedger and his credentials, but even more impressed with his gourmet dishes. He made what would normally be an ordinary hamburger exquisite. The hamburger joint down the street may as well shut down.

Now, granted, this is not a burger joint. It’s a plethora or divine dishes. In my book, anyone can have a restaurant but it’s the chef behind the scenes that made this place great! I had no idea when ordering a burger how tasty this would be. Alley’s Burger for $10 is what I indulged in. It was house-ground beef chuck and brisket. It was extremely tasty. The combo of brisket and beef and cheese just melted in my mouth. It was served on the most delicious multi-grain bun. I have never had a bun that was so tasty. It normally comes with fries but being a heath-nut I asked for the green beans. Boy was I blown away by them. These were no normal green beans in just butter. These were made in some type of butter mixed with tomato and onions I presume and bits of bacon on top. I have never had greens that were so yummy. I was tempted to ask the chef can I come over to your house for Thanksgiving. I can still taste this meal and I am craving it just writing about it.

I know there are people out there that love bowling and arcades and this place offers all of that but don’t just come for the games. You must try the food. You won’t find any food court or bowling alley type of food here. The food is DELICIOUS! I want to scream if from the rooftops.

This new eatery also offers fantastic happy hours from 3 until 7 p.m. The bar area is huge and offers all kinds of drink and food specials. They even offer Sunday brunch. Next time I come I will start with dessert, for the creme brulee was too good for words.

This restaurant offers more than just good times. You will leave with a full belly and great memories. For more information go to

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