New business, new recipes —
September 22, 2020

New business, new recipes

By Hye June Park

Tye Lewis

It’s not easy to start a business, but for some people, nothing is impossible. Tye Lewis, now owner of Tye Cooks Austin, turned her love for teaching people how to cook a healthy gourmet meal using staples found in most pantries into an entrepreneurial idea. Her business combines her training as a teacher and her passion for food. She offers highly personalized one-on-one and small group cooking classes. Additionally, she offers on-site team-building cooking lessons for organizations in the Austin area.

Like any other small business owner, Lewis faced obstacles when starting her business. From developing a clear mission, finding her client and startup funding, she was able to get her business idea off the ground with help from Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI), a local nonprofit that supports small business. EGBI helped her learn the basics of how to set up her business from scratch.

“EGBI taught me the value of insurance, pricing, refining my elevator pitch, and seeing the full value of the service I provide to my clients,” she said. “Now my goals are to expand into more markets here in the Austin metro area as well as another Texas city. I am working on publishing a multi-cultural cuisine cookbook geared for those who have food allergies or intolerance.”

Lewis’ recipes, which consist of ingredients found in most people’s pantries and other ingredients easily found in local grocery stores, are available at

EGBI provides training, coaching, and support to aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers of language, finances, and knowledge. For more information on the nonprofit organization, please visit

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