NomadX! brings a new creative experience to Austin —
July 8, 2020

NomadX! brings a new creative experience to Austin

NomadX Foundation, whose mission is to define, inspire, formalize, and unite the creative economy, is lighting the fire with an annual event composed of conferences, live workshops, concerts, and tournaments. On Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26, NomadX! Austin will mark the foundation’s 14th global event.

NomadX! is built with a local-centric approach where themes, genres, and talent revolve around the local creative communities’ organic development. The local scene is enhanced with renowned leaders and inspirational individuals in the NomadX Talent Network.

With two locations at Empire Control Room & Garage and Capital Factory, NomadX! Austin will feature conference guest such as Rodney Mullen (Skateboarding Legend); Danny Zuker (5-time Emmy Winner, Writer/Producer “Modern Family”); Jay de La Cueva (Musician/Producer, creator of Molotov, Fobia, Moderatto, Titan, Mexrrissey); and Joe Trouble (Youtuber/Influencer, Musician). The live music component will feature The Octopus Project, Moving Panoramas, Mobley, Hikes, The O’ My’s, Megafauna, Atash, Kalu and Electric Joint, TEEN, Mamahawk, Marfa Crush, The Human Circuit, Tropical Panama, All The Elements, Dromedarios Magicos w/ Joe Trouble, Lesly Reynaga, Kissy, Curse Mackey, Kev Bev, Marmalakes, Anthony Garcia, Jonny Burke, Como las Movies, Dustin Welch, Chill Russel, Stalights, Transit Method, and Play By Numbers.

The NomadX Foundation believes that the future lies in creative and intellectual products, that the people who develop these do it out of passion, and that such passions should be sustainable. Art, architecture, content, design, gastronomy, literature, music, marketing, and programming come together at the NomadX! experience. With a defined and formal creative economy, future creative entrepreneurs will be able to develop economic products in an easier and more respected environment. In other words, they will be able to run small companies that collaborate and grow together as part of the formal economic community.

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