Never too late to learn how to swim —
September 22, 2020

Never too late to learn how to swim

By Hye June Park

As summer approaches, water activities in Austin become very popular. It is during this season when pool monitoring, lifeguards and swim lessons are most necessary. I Am Ready Swim is around to offer these services. Founded by Miranda Melendez, I Am Ready Swim seeks to meet the needs of the community in these areas.

“We try and get on our client’s level such as holding their hands and going underwater together, or doing minimal things that they are comfortable with until we can achieve the next level,” she said about the services she offers.

Although she knew about the aquatic business, she faced obstacles getting started. Her lawyer referred her to Economic Growth Business Incubator, a local nonprofit that supports small business, and everyone there pitched in to help her.

“I learned how to build a new business module, budgeting skills and how to run my books,” she said. “I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without these guys.”

One day she would like to open her own indoor pool facility. Her goals for this business is to reach as many lives as possible by teaching water safety, and prevent as many drownings as she can.

One of Miranda’s favorite moments is teaching a 68-year-old woman who was scared of the water after a traumatic experience how to swim. It was on her bucket list to learn how to swim. “Now I go to the pool and see her swimming laps with her grandson and it brings me so much joy,” she said. “I love that there is no age limit on a person learning how to swim.”

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