Taste Bazille's culinary arts at the Domain —
August 5, 2020

Taste Bazille’s culinary arts at the Domain

By Rose Di Grazia

The dishes at Bazille Restaurant resemble works of art. It’s no wonder, as the name of the restaurant is named after French painter Frederic Bazille, who was part of a group of radical artists in 1860s Paris. He shared a studio with the likes of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his style was in part shaped by Claude Monet. He was an advocate of painting in en plein air (outdoors), which Monet had encouraged him to do. On that note, there is a certain irony in that I, an artist and writer myself, prefer to eat on the outdoor patio at Bazille (though on my last visit to the restaurant I had the unexpected pleasure of dining indoors due to inclement weather).

This gem is located inside Nordstrom’s department store at the Domain. Not only did my visit give me a chance to discover a divine restaurant experience, but it also provided an opportunity to research a brilliant artist. Although it is quite unfortunate that he died young before his 29th birthday, Bazille’s memory endures as far away as Austin,Texas through the name of this establishment, which I can now say is one of my favorite places to dine in.

The first thing I noticed about Bazille is the fantastic customer service from the time you sit down. A special touch is added inside the restaurant as customers get a bird’s eye view of the chef preparing his own works of art, which consist of brick-oven pizzas, New American fare and incredible desserts. Meals can be paired with fresh cocktails.

The experience starts with delicious, fresh bread and creamy butter brought to the table on every visit. For an appetizer, I recommend the Crab Bisque Soup. This soup is not something you will not want to share. For my main course, I ordered the Skirt Steak Romesco. The steak had an orange almond crème sauce on top of crispy potatoes and kale, as well as red and yellow peppers. For dessert, I had Tres Leches cake with caramel, made with three creams and topped with fluffy cream and strawberry. The dessert was a perfect way to end a spectacular meal.

The manager remarked Bon Appetite before my meal and all I can say is, at Bazille, Bon Appetite is exactly right!

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