'It’s Me' (Era Yo) from Spanish writer/director Andrea Casaseca delivers powerful message at AFF —
September 22, 2020

‘It’s Me’ (Era Yo) from Spanish writer/director Andrea Casaseca delivers powerful message at AFF

By Liz Lopez

Andrea Casaseca’s short film “It’s Me” (Era Yo) is an 11-minute 30-second film that will keep the viewer wanting to know more of the family’s story. The three main characters are created such that the audience will know there is so much more going on with each one of them and by the end of the film, it feels like a gut punch when it is revealed what is going on with the youngest character. The story is great, and the cast is excellent in their performances.

This story shows how a teenage Maria (Maria Rivera), accompanied by other girls, talks to, harasses and offends another student of another ethnicity. She is disrespectful to her mother, played by Marta Belenguer (“Asuntos de familia”) and shows very little care or compassion toward her little brother Gabriel (Miguel Rivera, Pedro Almodóvar’s “Pain & Glory” [Dolor y Gloria]).

“I needed to tell this story,” said writer and director Andrea Casaseca. “Today we have become accustomed to the horrible words and behaviors of ‘bullying’ and there is nothing worse than normalizing something that should be eradicated from society. This story gives a different perspective. A point of view to make us conscious to how prevalent and common place the language and behavior of bullies has become. It goes further than the perpetrator and the harassed, in fact, my intention is to show how, when the pain is felt by someone we love who suffers this type of harassment, can be a wake-up call. When someone bullies or hurts someone you care about, you may realize IT’S ME.”

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