Catch The Brew at Las Palomas —
September 27, 2020

Catch The Brew at Las Palomas

By Rose Di Grazia

With the stress of Christmas shopping and the holidays upon us, lighten the load with the Latin sounds of The Brew band at Las Palomas restaurant every Wednesday night and for Sunday brunch.

The Brew has been playing in Austin for decades and has a loyal following. Both the band and the restaurant have something in common–Latin flavor. They both know how to pack the house. The music and restaurant atmosphere are romantic–The Brew makes you want to get up and dance cheek to cheek.

Listening to this band takes your mind away on a tropical vacation down in Mexico or perhaps somewhere in Spain. This band has the tendency to treat their regular fans like family with hugs and kisses. To me, they are family after growing up with their niece. While indulging in a delicious Sunday brunch, I was entertained by a jazz version of the ever-popular tune “Dust in the Wind.” All you can think of repeatedly as they play is how each song is more beautiful than the next.

The band consists of the four brothers Michael, Mark, Joe and Dylan and one of their kids. They are all remarkable and astounding musicians with extreme talent. If I had to describe the band they are a cross between Segovia, Gypsy Kings, Carlos Santana, and Ottmar Liebert.

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