August 5, 2020

About TODO Austin

TODO Austin is a free-distribution, full color monthly newspaper and online journal for all of Austin, highlighting our multicultural heritage and promoting the concept of community in an ethnically diverse city, through events, arts, music, and advocacy.

TODO Austin and its partner website celebrate our common heritage while closely mirroring the changing demographics of Austin. We aim to provide a platform to profile the individuals, groups, organizations and events that present a positive vision in the community.


gavinGavin Lance Garcia is a native of Austin who has worked in entertainment and media industries for decades, fostering intercultural endeavors in his roles as a musician, event producer, publisher, journalist and community activist.




Art Director:

daveDave McClinton has been creating design work for all forms of media since the 80s. First art, then print design, web design and now art again. The common through-line has been a sense of justice and finding ways to give voice to those who have no outlet. Whether through art or supporting the written word, making people think in new ways has always been his goal. TODO Austin furthers that vision.


Managing & Web Editors:

leslyLesly Reynaga is a singer/songwriter and TODO Austin Editor. She holds a Bachelor’s in Public Relations from The University of Texas at Austin. Lesly is a passionate Latina advocate for communities of color in Austin.




meredithMerideth Cox is a music writer who has covered bands from her hometown in Colorado to London to Bangkok to Shanghai and finally back to Austin. Led Zeppelin changed her life. So did Dolly Parton. You can read her music reviews at



Associate Editors:

Sonia Kotecha, Liz Lopez, Monica Pena, Katie Walsh, Erica Stall Wiggins, Yvonne Lim Wilson

Contributing Staff:

Cat Cardenas, Evelyn C Castillo, Rose Di Grazia, Callie Langford, Genoveva Rodriguez, Diana Sanchez, Lesley Varghese

Production Services:

Anthony Garcia


Elyse Avina, Alka Bhanot, Ashna Bhansali, Lauren Bruno, Roy Casagrada, Cindy Casares, Lobo Corona, Nora De LaRosa, Laura Donnelly Gozalez, Jimmy Flannigan, Mark Guerra, Mari Hernandez, Yadira Izquierdo, Chaille Jolink, Ryan Jordan, Ali Khataw, Carey W King, Ramey Ko, Harish Kotecha, Julia Lee, Isabel Lopez-Aquilar, Otis Lopez, Vanessa Maldonado, David Marks, Cristina Parker, Raul Rangel Uribe, Paul Saldana, Marion Sanchez, Blake Shanley, Dani Slabaugh, Corey Tabor, Rama Tiru, Blanca Valencia, Deborah Kuetzpal Vasquez

Print Cover:

Grupo Corpo

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